A broken screen and a non-functional charging port are some of the normal case of old cell phone ; a telephone might develop after prolonged use. Described like to getting a new phone instead of servicing a malfunctioning line. Buying a new phone is a wise idea is but consider the partially functional cellphone. Of course, you end up being ready to repairing a broken antenna, faceplate, screen, keys, along with other number of things. Since the case then you should evaluate really and discover how much the replacement parts will be. In many cases you can find generic replacement parts tha..
What Is OCA Laminating Machine
When talking about oca vacuum laminating machine, a lot of people do not understand and a lot of people may never heard about it, but when touch screen mobile phone is popular,every cell phone lce repair workers knows it. the market makes the vacuum laminating machine has been rapid development in recent years .Vacuum laminating machine is the main repair machine of touch screen mobile phone lcd, because most of the problems of touch screen mobile phone come from the cell phone lcd. so the  oca laminating machine is very hot on the cell phone lcd refurbish market. The biggest feature..
How to make OCA film laminating machine work better
OCA film laminating machine is a high-tech mobile phone screen repair equipment, with the touch screen mobile phone market share rate of increase, this kind of touch screen mobile phone repair work of OCA film laminating machine technology are continuous improve, but for the new  technical workers of mobile phone repair ,it will always encounter this or that problem when operating laminating film machine , let's see how to use this equipment correctly on the film laminating.For new operators, when using the OCA film laminating machine,please kindly note the texture of the thin film of mob..
Three characteristics of vacuum laminating machine
With the iPhone in global sales, touch screen mobile phone has now become global mobile phone absolute mainstream models, as the current development situation, whether our domestic mobile phone or foreign mainstream products are large screen touch screen mobile phone,for this trend, all the mobile phone companies also competing development new touch screen mobile phone, which will drive the surrounding of vice industry development, such as the development of vacuum laminating machine is a inevitable results.Because all touch screen mobile phone products will experience a change from new to old..
How to operate lcd separator machine
Use lcd separator for cell phone lce repair is very useful now, basically all main mobile phones currently on the market can be applied, such as iphone, Samsung or domestic Huawei, millet or OPPO is possible, the main use of lcd separator is the phone screen separation.The main target is to repair the screen that serious damaged, such as mobile phone screen serious burst situation, simply can not continue to use and can not be repaired, but for the lcd separator ,it can be fixed well easily. Generally as long as the phone's screen is seven inches or less can be used. Let me take a look at spec..
Use Glue Remover Machine Remove OCA Glue and Polarizer Film
This is a glue remove machine > Suit for glue and polarized remove ,Esay for operationGule/Poarized remove step1. Loose the three screws on insert pocket of blade, Put the blade in insert pocket .2. Use Micrometer adjusted the blade Angle,Then setscrews.3. Turn on the power switch, Set the temp to 180 °C.4. put the silicone mat on the heating station, After the set temperature is reached,put the screenon the heating plate , Phone Flex Cable Toward the inside.5. Push the heating station Jay down the blade, keep The blade height with the screen in one line,Then push the heating station to ins..
Use LCD Separator Machine For Cell Phone LCD Refurbish
This is an automatic LCD separator machine built-in vacuum pump , Need to put the spring on both sides of the machine before using, Adjust the screw at the back of the Machine to the half place. so, how to use this lcd separator to refurbish the cell phone lcd ?this is the manual teach you to use it. Operation steps The step of Reel the steel wire for this lcd separator machine .1 • ..
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Use Automatic LCD Separator Machine For Cell Phone Screen Repair
This is a vacuum aluminum alloy automatic LCD separator machine ,which has so many advatages for cell phone lcd repair and fix .such as the high accuracy of steel wire adjusting,be with built-in vacuum,good balance and so on.the following is teach you how to use it .Operation steps The step of Reel the steel wire for lcd separator machine :1. Turn the switch to "=" place2. Turn the shift..
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Iphone Frame Laminator
This is a built-in air compressor automatic frame bracket laminating machine.iphone4 , iphone5 , iphone6 ( 5.5 ) Use the same up mould With newest 5pcs of iphone moulds(4lower moulds & 1 upper mould). Lower moulds: 4/4s,5/5s/5c,6(4.7)/6(5.5); Upper moulds: 6(4.7),it just needs to install to press the iphone6,it is simple and convenient to install.With "Home" Button towards  the left side,installing the original upper mould onto the equipment,fix the above one screws. There are two ways to Press : (1) Pressing the left and right start button together,it is manual press state ; (2..
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Use OCA Film Laminator For Refurbish Cell Phone LCD
 It is a Cell phone lcd repair machine for oca film laminating , which has the features of wide voltage, small noise, handiness,locating accuracy.The valve behind the laminator is tocontrol the suction of the under plate.The bigger valve is, the bigger the under suction would be. And the upper Suction power would be smaller.So, we should open the valve half, then lock it. so, how to use it ? it is really simple and easy.Operating steps:1. First use the tape to seal the up and down side suction plate ;2. put the glass in suit position ,side boundary of down side suction plat..
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Use LCD Separator Machine For Cell Phone LCD Repair
Use lcd separator machine separating the glass from cell phone screen is very important for cell phone lcd repair.this is a manual of lcd separator machine. this machine is Low noise , built-in vacuum pump ect , only need you plug in power line,then you can use it.Operation steps:1.Turn on the power switch, Set the temperature to 80 °C,After 2-3 minutes ,the temperature of heated plate reach 80 .2.Put the silica gel on the heated plate holes to holes,Put downwards the screen onto the sillica gel.3,Press the switch key,After the screen being sucked,Separate the LCD from glas..
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How to use OCA laminating machine to fix cell phone screen
Normally the cell phone's screen is very eacy to broken,fix the screen is always very important for cell phone repair.How to repair cell phone screen with oca laminating machine ?This is touch system laminating and bubble remove 2 in 1 machine,Built-in air compressor and vacuum pump,Laminating and bubble remove only one step ,100% no bubbles.Operating steps.1. plug in power line ,turn on the power switch .2. Adjust laminating pressure to 0.5Mpa.3. touch system start , click"setting_'.4. set the "vacuum time" to 15S , "laminating time" 25S ,"Debubble time" 5-10M , "Laminating debubble temp"40de..
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'iPhone 7' may use new 'fan-out' packaging tech to save internal space
Apple is expected to use a new "fan-out" packaging technology for some components to maximize the amount of room in its next-generation iPhone, a Korean report said on Thursday.Specifically, the technology will be applied to the device's antenna switching module and RF (radio frequency) chip, ETNews suggested. Using fan-out should increase the density of I/O terminals within a package, permitting smaller chip sizes.Shrinking the chassis of the "iPhone 7" is believed to be a high priority for Apple. On top of minimizing radio components, the company may also be increasing its use of single..
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Use Vacuum OCA Laminator For Fix Broken Phone Screen
How to use vacuum OCA laminating machine fix broken phone screen ? this is a artile that teach you do that.This is a vacuum OCA laminator with two kinds of modes, which is bubble remove mode and no need bubble removal mode. It needs external vacuum pump and air compressor.if setting time too long or other steps wrong incautious,Dont worry,just need you press the E-stop button.* Pushing key would be used when you adjust the balance of laminating plate.1.Connect the vacuum pumpTwist the white screw of vacuum pump, pour the oil into the vacuum pump until reaching the half of the side gl..
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